When I read my first reflection about the first class I felt different. As I read, I felt myself in the first class of CALL. And it wasn’t a good day for me. However; as time passed I like this course more because this course is not like what I think for the first class.

In life, the first impression is always important and the first impression of CALL on me was like a burden but now when I think about the whole, we spent a good time. We enjoyed this course, especially with the tasks:) 

It was a really busy school year for me and I am sure about that  it was busy also for my friends. When I about the first class of CALL, the one thing that I remember is our faces. Almost all of us were disappointed but soon we realized that we were not.

I learned a lot from this course and I enjoyed it thanks to teacher.


Last week, we talked about Podcasting. We learned about some websites such as, is a radio website that is something like TRT in Turkey.  

You can use when you want to create and publish a podcast. We can record our voice. We can share with other people. Every student has to sign in. This website is something like Facebook. You can comment on other students’ podcasts. And also, you can add photos. 

I checked the other websites that the teacher recommends us and I learned quite important information for us about podcasting. And, of course, we have a task again related to podcasting. However, this time I enjoy with the task.

More tasks with movie maker and story jumper :)))

Today, we learned how to use movie maker. With Windows Movie Maker, we can bring together video, audio, and other multimedia content, then we can arrange and edit the content to create a finished movie. After creating the movie, we can save it. the best part of it we have a great task related to Movie Maker. I am looking forward to work on Movie Maker:)))

The other is Story-jumper. we can create books using Story-jumper. And also, we can explore the books which created by people before. After class. I checked the site and it like it. 

Facebook, Twitter, and Skype

I missed last week class but by chance I have already known about these topics. I am a user of twitter, Facebook and Skype. Almost everybody use Facebook but the users of twitter and Skype are not so many. Using Skype to chat, talk and video chat with other Skype users on computers is free. Skype is also useful for video chatting not only using computers, but also with certain mobile devices. if you have a smart phone you can download the Skype app on your phone and you can use it whenever and wherever you want.
Via these applications, users can share information and these applications make life easier and more enjoyable.


The need for tools to teach and learn effectively via the Internet is growing and expanding every day. One of them is Wiziq. It is an online teaching and learning platform. Users need to sign up and create their accounts on Wiziq. it is free for all users. (students and teachers) It works best for anyone’s online teaching and learning needs. Teachers  can interact with students through whiteboards, instant message chats, document sharing as well as two way audio.

Students can learn anything they want from anywhere. They can be at home or anywhere else. It doesn’t matter. Students can learn while they are eating… Students can choose any course they are interested in. We, as students, do not have to go to school to learn anymore :)I think it is best choice for students who don’t like schools. 


Online Classroom

Last week, we learned two online classroom sites. One of them is and the other one is After I learned about these two sites I realized that the education doesn’t  occurs just in classroom environment. we can learn anything by using these useful tools. These two sites are   free discussion forums. They can be used by all educators.They are discussion forums. Also, they are public classroom forums for creating, discussing and reflecting on ideas.They are really good for shy students who are reluctant to speak  in class, they feel very comfortable when they write their opinions and replying to other students. Also, students can learn from each others’ writing. These two sites are really helpful both for students and teachers. You can follow any class you want and you can learn just using these sites. You do not have to hesitate to write anything. All students always feel comfortably. 

I think all students are going to like these sites when they learned about them but especially shy students. 




We left behind one more week…But I I can not tell how bad I feel about missing the last week. For a couple of weeks, I have heard about Prezi and I really wondered about it. When I learned that the last week, the topic was Prezi I really felt bad. However, I searched on net and I tried to learn something about it.
As I learned, Prezi is an excellent programme for presentations. Especially for people who gets bored with Powerpoint. Using Prezi is really enjoyable. I like it. Prezi is also pleasing to the eye. It is more colourful. There are a lot of functions and it is more useful than the other programmes. I want to learn everything about Prezi to use it for my presentations…